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12 exclusive course videos 


46-page study guide + reading list & tabs


Access to our private groups on Facebook and Discord 

My Guarantee:

  • You will learn a TON about the traditional 5-string banjo; everything from set-up and technique to historical & cultural knowledge.


  • You will be plugged into a close-knit, dedicated network of folk artists, luthiers, and researchers from all over the world.


  • You will become a more historically-informed and technically-proficient banjoist.


  • I cannot promise to turn every student into a master banjoist, but I can promise that if you put in the effort, your playing, singing, and general understanding of the instrument will improve significantly.

  • Any student who becomes disruptive will be removed from the course without refund.

  • This is a digital product that cannot be returned once purchased. NO REFUNDS.


"I've been playing Banjo for about 10 years, and I've learned more from Clifton Hicks in the last two years than I did in the first eight. He's a great source of knowledge."


- Glenn Kemp   


"Mr. Hicks has taught me a LOT about banjo playing, but he's also a mentor. He's not just giving you a fish, he's teaching you how to fish. That is what sets him apart from most other teachers. THAT is the songster method."


- Justin Gibbs   


"I am so very excited for this. This is the perfect thing to jump into, not only to grow my knowledge and experience with the banjo, but to have a sense of community around the banjo rooted in its true heritage."


- Frederick Newbill 


"Audio-visual learning is the only way I’ve ever been able to play music. So very glad you’re starting this, Clifton."


- Aaron Stevens   


"Stumbling on your channel has inspired me to pick up a banjo after decades. I play Greek and Turkish music, but your singing and playing has created a DNA resonance in my system!"


- Costa Sakellariou   

Here’s exactly what’s included in the course:

  • In the first batch of video lessons I go through the basic moving parts of the banjo and how to arrange them for that optimal “banjo sound.” I know this isn’t the most glamorous subject, but it’s one that too many banjo teachers gloss over. 


  • I then introduce the two families of traditional banjo playing, and give you your first block of instruction on exactly how to use the old songster method of learning and sharing music without tablature. This is a simple system I’ve developed which empowers most people to quickly learn any piece of music by ear. While I do provide plenty of tablature and other printed material in the course, I will teach you traditional learning techniques that, if you put in the effort, will completely free you from your reliance on tablature. 


  • We then take a deep dive into the mysterious early history of the banjo, and I share all of the historical resources you should be reading to inform your own banjo playing. 


  • After that, the course becomes more advanced and technical; this is the part where I share all of my technical tricks. There’s a lot of updates and tips in this section of the course that I’ve never shared anywhere else, so even if you’ve been following me for years you can expect a lot of new information


     Enrollment is open and you can start the course right now for a single payment of $197. You can also do the payment plan instead, which is four monthly installments of $57. Whether you do the single payment or the payment plan, you’ll receive all the course content and benefits up-front, including all the free bonuses.


     All you need to do is click the button underneath this video and sign up for my Banjo Heritage online course. We accept all major credit & debit cards.


     As soon as you’ve signed up for the course you’ll get instant access to our website’s member area where you can set up your username and password. I’ll also send you an onboarding email with all the access details and links. As soon as that happens you’ll receive invite links to our private Facebook group and Discord chat room. 


     This is where the fun really starts. You’re about to be plugged into a community of musicians from diverse backgrounds and skill levels who all share a similar vision and a passion for real, traditional banjo music.


     If this feels right for you, select one of the payment options below.

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$197 single payment
$57/mo payment plan

Here’s what happens next:

  • As soon as you register for Banjo Heritage, you'll receive invites to our private groups on Facebook and Discord.


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  • You will be instantly plugged into a network of traditional banjoists from all over the world who share your passion for the instrument and its history.


Take part in the tradition.
$197 single payment
$57/mo payment plan